Interactive Murder Mysteries for Corporate Events
The Nefarious Suspects of Murder Amongst the Vines

Mysteries continue to be one of the country's most popular forms of entertainment. Just look how much space the Mystery section of a book store takes up. Hollywood continues to weave mystery yarns for the big and little screen. Let's face it, Americans love a good mystery, and now being a super sleuth is no longer a mere spectator sport. All across the country interactive murder mystery companies are providing good law-abiding folks with the opportunity to become involved in the process of solving a mock murder. From corporate functions to country club festivities, from private soirees, to community fund raisers, everyone wants to be a "Gumshoe". It's fun, it's exciting and it's available to you right now.

Over the past 14 years Bacchus Mystery Theatre has produced 400 interactive whodunits for corporat and private events. We pride ourselves in the fact that our award winning mysteries have clues that lead to only one conclusion. Our murderer's name is not pulled out of a hat at the end of the mystery. Everything is wrapped up in a nice neat bow.

Each mystery is a problem solving exercise and is great for team building. However, guest still have a good time even if they haven't got a clue. This is a result of the talented improv actors and the addition of participatory games and events that take place.These "games" vary according to the mystery selected.

Bacchus Mystery Theatre leads the way with innovative interactive mystery events in Atlanta. We specialize in custom scripts and can adapt our existing scripts to fit any size event and any size budget. Whether we provide a cast of thirty or a cast of three, our attention to detail does not falter.

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