Our high energy dance numbers can be alternated with vocal performers and an emcee running interactive games to create a SOCK HOP that will knock your socks off. Guests can try their skills and compete for prizes in the Fifties trivia quiz which includes 50's & 60's TV themes, a twist contest, a lip sync contest and hula hoop contest. And don't forget the Limbo Rock.

Grab your surf board and hair spray and hit the beach. Our Beach Party theme can be blended with our 50's Sock Hop and 60's GoGo. While on the beach, let's see how low you can go during our limbo contest. Beach volleyball anyone? Our choreographed Beach Medley dance number is sure to get guests to join the fun.


50's 60's and MOTOWN DANCE MENU

American Bandstand - 3:00 min. (even number of dancers 4, 6 or 8)
We use Barry Manilow's big band recording of Dick Clark's theme music. The girls wear full poodle skirts with fluffy crinolines. The guys are in "Greaser" gear for that "Happy Days" look. Full of youthful exuberance and swing dance moves. This can also be done with all girls.

Jailhouse Rock - 2:30 min. (up to 4 men and 5 women)
We dance to Elvis' great hit wearing blue prison shirts and the tightest possible jeans. This number can be performed with or without an Elvis impersonator or facsimile.

These Boots are Made for Walkin - 2:40 min (3 to 6 females)
Nancy Sinatra's smoldering lyrics give us superb inspiration to sizzle with stylized 60's moves with Bob Fosse elements. Costumed in multi-colored mini-dresses and of course,
those boots!


Shake A Tailfeather - 3:00 min. (3 to 6 females)
Ray Charles Rocks on this track from the Blues Brother movie. It's the go-go era and booted dancers show us the Frug, the Watusi, and the Boogaloo. Wildly energetic and highly colorful, it makes a great follow up to These Boots Are Made For Walkin.



Age of Aquarius - 3:15 (3 to 6 females or males)
Blissed out hippie chicks celebrate the dawn of a new age, dancing to the music of the 5th Dimension. Costuming includes long wild wigs, fringe vests and bell bottoms. Far Out!


Born to Be Wild - up to 5:00 min. -
(3 to 5 females)
Dancers in black motorcycle gear with studded leather accessories make no attempt to be charming. Aggressive and sexy, this number can be performed after a disruptive "surprise" entrance.



Think - 3:30 min. with playon
(3 to 6 women + 2 optional men)
Aretha Franklin's recording also featured in the Blues Brothers movie. Women wear tight black capri pants, ribbed turtlenecks and teased-up 60's big hair wigs. Men are in Blues Brothers suits. This one really rocks. The spirit of Motown.




We Got The Funk - 4:00 min.
(3 to 6 females + 2 or more optional men)
We get funky with the Parliament's best known hit. Multicolored polyester bell bottoms are combined with platform boots, disco hats and fringe for a look that will make you laugh out loud. Did we really wear that? Authentic 70's choreography.


Surf Medley - 6:00 min. (3 to 6 females + 3 men)
Yes, we bring out the surfboard for this one. It also features beach balls, vintage bathing suits, beach umbrellas and waves. A Hoppin Boppin prop extravaganza.


Also available:
Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and Lucy impersonators -
Roller skating Car Hops & 50's cheerleaders