Arabian Nights

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Jewels of the Casbah is comprised of up to five professional dancers performing primarily in the Egyptian Style. They also incorporate Turkish, Gypsy, Greek and other styles into their repertoire. From improvisational dances to complete choreographed routines that feature; veils, candles, candelabras, swords, and canes, they are ready to take your guests on a magic carpet ride to the heart of the Casbah. They can provide a single belly dancer or a full length Arabian extravaganza that includes dances, poetry and story telling & audience participation.

Candle and Sword Spcialties Routines. Shown Here in More Conservative Costuming

In addition to dancers they also provide costumed characters to greet & interact with guests to help create an authentic atmosphere; merchants selling their wares, acrobats, jugglers, drummers and musicians, and a beautiful snake dancer/contortionist. Nomad robes are available to be used for caterers, casino dealers, or clients. Other give-a-way ideas include fezzes and finger cymbals


Story Tellers & Improv Characters A Fakir Stands on Broken Glass Costumes For the Clients

A Charmer of Snakes -
Guests line up to get a photo with the12 foot 100lb.
Burmese Python pictured above

Among those entertained by the Jewels of the Casbah are:
Microsoft, Lucent Technologies, Novelle Corporation, Compuserve,
Atlanta Convention &Visitors Bureau, Atlanta Opera, Historical Events,
The Turkish-American Association, Prudential Bank, YKK Zipper, Ace Insurance
The Sheppard Spinal Center, The Garden of Eden Ball, Athens Botanical Gardens,
Starbright Foundation, Festival of Africa, GSAE, Whole World Theater,
The Northside Ball, Cabbage Patch Collectors, Spruill Arts Center,
Birmingham International Festival, Vegas Nights Grand Opening,
Cardio Vascular Group, Winchester Electronics, Gamespot,
International Society of Event Specialists

Yasmeenah (Virginia King)
Artistic director, & choreographer.

Yasmeenah (a.k.a. Virginia King ) began her early dance training in Atlanta with Ruth Mitchell, appearing with the Company starting at age 12. Despite being certain that she would never pursue a classical Ballet career, She attended Th North Carolina School of the Arts as a ballet major where she also studied modern dance, character dance, tap and voice. After this, 6 years were spent in New York pursuing roles in Musical Theater and continuing her dance education at numerous prestigious schools. As' Ginny King', she has appeared on Broadway in the original cast of "42nd Street", and worked in national tours, dinner theater, cruise ships and cabarets.

Her love of Danse Orientale began in 1983 as a student of Anahid Sofian. She has also studied with Bert Balladine, Morocco,Dahlena, and Aegela. For 7 years she was a featured entertainer at Atlanta's Imperial Fez restaurant, where she had the privilege to perform for such celebrities as Mick Jagger, Ted Turner and Jimmy Carter. Her specialties are the Sword Dance and abdominal coin flipping, a skill that took years to perfect. She also performed as a representative of Egypt at Atlanta's Festival of Africa 1996, and at the Birmingham Musuem's Morocco festival in 1998.Yasmeenah believes that Danse Orientale, or Raks Sharqui, Or Belly Dance, or whatever you'd like to call it, is the perfect blending of safe exercise and soulful feminine expression and would love to share her knowledge with you in an atmosphere of energized non-judgmental conviviality


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