Politically Incorrect! But Loads of Fun and Interaction

Our Interactive "Tacky" Luau is a parody of the commercial Luau's as seen on Waikiki Beach. It is in no way meant to be an authentic Polynesian Show. It is meant to be a lot of fun with audience participation games. It is recommended that the client provide some tacky or nice gifts for the various games. Minimum prizes are two for hat and two for hula hoops.

When your guests arrive our lovely hula dancers will greet them (up to 60 mins) giving leas to each guest. Other give-a-ways are straw hats and grass skirts (client to provide give-a-ways).

After dinner it's SHOWTIME!
The dancers enter to Aloha Oe - then introduce the host Don Ho Jo. After the obligatory song Tiny Bubbles, the host moves on to the first order of business, the naming of the "Big Kahuna". Volunteers are taken from the audience (a list of names can be given to us in advance). The eight to twelve men then compete in the hilarious HAT GAME to determine who will be the Big Kahuna The dancers then compete for the title of "Miss Hula". It is traditional for the Big Kahuna to wed last years Miss Hula in a mock wedding ceremony, but the groom usually gets cold feet when last years winner, Tiny Bubbles (a performer wearing a soft sculptured costume that makes her look like she weighs 300 pounds) arrives. Tiny sings Little Grass Shack. and with the girl's help, teaches everyone the Hukilau, the most famous hula in Hawaii. Guests then compete in a Hula Hoop contest. Don Ho Jo does his closing numbers with the girls to the Hawaiian War Chant. (The Bette Midler version "Crackin-up-from-havin-lack-a-shackin-up").