Death Rocks the Boat |Murder Amongst the Vines
Mobster Mash | Murder Under the Magnolias | Murder in Morocco

Grandma's Last Christmas or Fa La La La Dead


Death Rocks The Boat

Welcome aboard for the cruise of your life ... or death. The body of an unknown man was found on board just before sailing tonight. If you think the crew seems suspicious, just take a look at the passengers: Little Orphan Angie, innocent bystander or cold blooded killer? M. Renard, billionaire French playboy or slick con man? Princess Rosita Bastilla Ranchero Silverstein, ready to fight a revolution or kill just one man to claim the throne of El Plantano? The cruise director is in charge of the investigation as well as some hilarious shipboard activities. ALL ABOARD!
Lavishly costumed Floor Show is available.

Cast: 7 to 12 (2 Specialty Costumes).




Murder Amongst The Vines


Someone has been killing the great (and not so great) wine makers of the world. This has put a damper on this year's annual meeting of the Bacchanal Society, the most prestigious organization of wine producers in the world. The hosts of this year's meeting, Earl and Julian Fallo, are the latest victims. Their remains were found this afternoon inside a large grape crusher. Were they brutally murdered, or were they just trying to produce a "full bodied" wine? However, the festivities must go on, including a hilarious wine tasting competition and a pageant in which all the guests are involved.

Cast: 7 to 12 (5 Specialty Costumes).








Mobster Mash


The year is 1928 and there's been trouble on the Northside. Enter Big Joe Blowunosa, the indisputable kingpin on the Southside. He wanted to make peace among the Northside mob families, then unite the entire city. The struggle for the Northside has taken on new meaning now that the peacemaker has been murdered. He came carrying an olive branch and somebody picked Blowunosa off. Attendees work in teams or families, electing their own don, and a consigliére to do all the negotiating with other families. Deals are made, fortunes are found and lost.
Spectacular 1920's Floorshow available. Cast: 6 to 12 (Specialty Costumes).









Murder Under the Magnolias

The richest, most powerful man in town is dead and no one seems to be mourning. Was it his wife? His lover? His lover's lover? Or his wife's lover? Maybe the buffoonish Colonel? Or perhaps Bragg's half brother, who has more personalities than you can shake a stick at, had something to do with it? Everyone gets involved at the apex of the show, when The Battle of Snellville, The Untold Story is reenacted in all its splendor. Pour yourself another glass of sweet tea and see if you can figure out this Southern Fried Whodunit.

Cast: 6 to 12 (3 Specialty Costumes).
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Murder in Morocco

He was the owner of a little gin joint in French Morocco known as Rick's Café Americain. It's still the same old story, but it's twenty-four hours later and Rick is now a well-dressed corpse. He was found in the wee hours of the morning with a bullet in his back - clearly not a suicide. Was he killed because of the infamous "letters of transit" he gave away, or did he have a run-in with a femme fatale? Round up the usual suspects and see what you can discover from them in this outrageously funny and provocative parody sequel to one of our favorite movies,Casablanca. Fatima, an authentic Moroccan-style dancer is also on hand to entertain you.
Optional Floorshow
by the Jewels of the Casbah, Middle Eastern dance troupe.
Cast: 6 to 10 (4 Specialty Costumes).
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Grandma's Last Christmas, or Fa La La La Dead

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring ... but at the North Pole things were different. Labor disputes, coupled with domestic problems and the fact that Santa hasn't been sober in months suggest that kids all over the world will be disappointed. Hark! Did we mention that Herald, the elf was dead? Mrs. Claus entertains with part of her nightclub act and the soloist of the North Pole Ballet Company makes a special appearance. All guests join in some bizarre holiday games. Yule Love It!





Cast of 8 to 12 (Specialty Costumes).


Death Rocks the Boat |Murder Amongst the Vines
Mobster Mash | Murder Under the Magnolias | Murder in Morocco

Grandma's Last Christmas or Fa La La La Dead


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