All of our mysteries can be used as team building events. Guests work in teams to solve the mystery. We don't pull the murderer out of a hat at the end of the mystery - there is a real case to solve. Some cases are more challenging than others, but all are meant to stimulate group effort. Teams must follow leads and clues, question suspects, weigh the evidence and come up with a plausible explanation for the events in the case. But don't worry , we never lose site of the fact that our mysteries are fun. Even if a team hasn't got a clue, they'll be thoroughly entertained by our professional improvisational actors.

Although all of our existing mysteries can be used as team building events, some of our cases were designed specifically to promote group effort, competition, and group cooperation.

MOBSTER MASH has guests divided into crime families as the turf war for the Northside continues. Each family comes up with a family name, chooses a don, and appoints a consigliere to negotiate for the family. To start, each family is given a different amount of money and muscle. At different times during the mystery the families will be given an opportunity to make deals with other families that will hopefully strengthen their position in the struggle for power. Not only do guests work as teams they have to interact with the other teams to come up with different agreements that are satisfactory to both. At one point families merge and the new team has now changed structure, size and power. Which family will have the most muscle? The Spumoni Family or the Whatsamattau Family? Which don will be triumphant? Don Ameche or don Socks. Don be surprised if you forget there is a murder to solve. This mystery works best for groups from 24 to 60. An optional 20's floorshow is also available.

A TRASHY TRAGEDY has guests teamed up into business syndicates attending the annual stock holders meeting of NAB Properties. Each guest is given $200,000 in cash and 40,000 shares of "very" common stock in the company. The mystery works on two levels. First, teams work together to solve the mystery, secondly they try to increase their net worth as they buy and sell stock with the other teams. As events in the mystery take a turn, so does the market. Fortunes are found and lost. Which team will be in the best position by the end? Mergers, power plays and hostile take overs are not uncommon in this unique murder mystery event. This mystery works best for groups from 24 to 125.

AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 MINUTES is a unique team building experience, that does not rely on costly high tech games. It is a well structured program that rewards team effort. Teams compete in 3 separate and totally diverse events. The main event has teams working as special agents piecing clues together in order to bring to justice an international gang of practical jokers. The team that works the most efficiently together, deciphering clues, delegating responsibilities and remaining focused will receive top honors. However, everyone is a winner with our entertaining International Floor Show which is included. When your attendees drag into a morning session, give us 80 minutes and we'll give them the world. See what a true morning meeting motivator can do for the energy level of your group. This mystery works best for groups from 24 to 60. An optional 20's floorshow is also available.


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