The year is 1928 and your guest approach the doors of a Chicago Speakeasy armed with the secret password. They are frisked by Gino while the machine gun toting Tiny, looks on. When all concealed weapons have been confiscated guests enter and are greeted by cigarette girls, molls and other tough guys. Beautiful Ziegfeld Girls on pedestals adorn the room dressed in elaborate beaded and feathered creations. Careful if you flirt, one of them is probably Al Capone's girl!

After being served an illegal libation your guests settle down to be entertained by the hottest floor show in Old Chicago. Each of the shows listed below are approximately 10 minutes in length and have a cast of; 3 to 6 female dancers and a male vocalist. Optional female vocalist and novelty entertainment are available.




Dancers wear a hot pink costume alive with beads, fringe and rhinestones.
Atop their heads they wear period wigs and silver hats with cascading ostrich plumes.
Puttin on the Ritz
A great number to open your event. A male vocalist in white tails is surrounded by gorgeous girls each dancing with 2 enormous pink plumed fans. Fabulous color and elegance.

Minnie the Moocher
The dancers smolder as our crooner sings about the notorious red hot hootchie kootcher. The audience is urged to echo Cab Calloway's refrain of Hidi Hidi Hidi Ho!

Tiger Rag
This Dixieland arrangement is explosive! A high-energy tribute to the dance craze of the Jazz age, the Charleston. Broadway caliber choreography ad execution.

Dancers wear a black and gold costume with fringed skirt, black gloves and feather hair ornaments.

Everybody Love My Baby
A classic from the Speakeasy Era. Our male vocalist is featured with the dancers following up with a peppy Charleston.

Hollywood Fun
A Busby Berkeley style tap number featuring the girls. A great new arrangement of fabulous old-style music.

This traditional favorite tune, sung by our male vocalist and accented with more tap dancing by the girls.

NOTE: The length of these mini-shows can be extended by additional vocal numbers. The two shows can be combined to create one longer show. Extra vocals or a novelty act would be required to cover the costume change.

Suggested Novelty Acts:
Bruno Machiavelli (vaudeville act) Ventriloquist or Magician.
Look-a-Likes: WC Fields, Mae West, Groucho Marx all of whom were performing on the vaudeville stage and on Broadway in the 20's